Keiki Monofin – Kids – Sun tail Mermaids

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Keiki is the kids monofin from Sun Tail mermaids.

There is a ton of colors to chose from on your mermaid journey! From ocean themed blues to vibrant pink and purple like an ocean sunset, we have every range of color you need to find the perfect mermaid monofin for you or your child. It is easy to embrace the siren of the sea way of life. Best of all, these swim flippers are made to work with our skins so you can easily up the mermaid factor. Order today and answer the call of the siren!

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Keiki monofin is considered a starter monofin. The feet are secured by putting the feet into 2 big footpockets. The ‘socks’ fits around the ankle to secure the fin. Narrow ankles or feet will loose this monofin easily. It is better to choose the Linden or Mahina monofin in that case.

Want to upgrade? Tails made for the Nunui monofin will also fit the Linden Monofin

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Red, Dark blue, green, lemon, Light blue, lime green, pastel purple, pink, purple, yellow


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